Rug Clenaing Service

Sunshine Coast & Gympie Rug/Mat Cleaning:

Rugs come in many different textures, colours and quality. They can be an extremely valuable asset to your home or workplace and are often forgotten about in terms of receiving a complete clean.  Apart from regular vacuuming, rugs require a deep thorough clean that preserve the life and quality of the rug, as well as rejuvenate once faded colours. So contact us for professional rug cleaning on the the Sunshine Coast or Gympie today.

Most manufactured rugs and mats can be cleaned on location.  Upon initial inspection of the rug, our rug cleaners will discuss with you the appropriate treatment required.  

Please note delicate silk, wool, hand woven and shag pile rugs may require hand washing for best results.

Our Sunshine Coast rug cleaning team will attend to all spots and stains, however some stains such as pet urine, ink and dye bleeding may not be completely removed.  The longer a stain is left untreated, the harder it is to remove.

The Rug or Mat Cleaning Process -

Step 1:   Pre inspection

An experienced rug cleaner will conduct an inspection to establish any possible problem areas or permanent stains.  We will then discuss with you the appropriate treatment required if necessary.

Step 2:   Dry vacuum

The rug is vacuumed by our technician to extract any dirt, dust or dry soilage. 

Step 3:   Pre Spray

The rug is pre sprayed using an encapsulation solution.  This solution is safe for all fibre types and helps release soil and stains from the rug to allow for more efficient removal. 

Step 4:   Agitation

We agitate the rug fibres thoroughly with our low moisture system.  This safely scrubs the rug and removes the soil and grime with the aid of absorbent pads.  

Step 5:   Spot treatment
Any remaining stains or spots are further treated with the appropriate solution.

Contact us for more information or a quote on rug cleaning on the Sunshine Coast or Gympie today.