Mattress Cleaning Service in Sunshine Coast

Expert Mattress Cleaning in Gympie and the Sunshine Coast

Many people know that they need to regularly clean their carpets. But how often do they deep clean their mattress? Aside from treating the dirt you can see, like stains, it's important to get out the dirt you can't see, like dead skin cells, dust, dust mites. For people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory and skin afflictions, a clean mattress is even more important.Mattress and Carpet Cleaning Services Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Premier Carpet Dry Cleaning offer excellent mattress cleaning in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We use a unique to help ease symptoms and improve sleep patterns. This technique for cleaning mattresses provides a dry and chemical free treatment that will benefit the entire family.

Premier's Allergy Care System

Our system of cleaning mattress is simple but effective. The steps are laid out below.

Vibrating Pad

A vibrating pad is utilised to shake minute particles and dust mites free from the mattress. By vibrating at 3,600 times per minute, this pad ensures even the most resilient mites are removed.

UV-C Sterilisation

Next, we use a UV-C sterilisation lamp to kill bacteria and other organisms, leaving the surface germ free. The lamp uses a highly effective and safe wavelength, without generating any ozone.

Vacuum Pollutants

In the final stage of cleaning, dead dust mites and bacteria are vacuumed up and trapped using a unique microfiltration system. The motor also captures dust, allergens and dead skin cells. A cartridge filter automatically captures larger particles so they're not released back into the room or mattress, while a HEPA microfiltration system ensures that smaller particles like dust mites and bacteria also don't escape.

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