Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Premier Carpet Dry Cleaning is able to provide a diverse range of commercial carpet cleaning services to our clients on the Sunshine Coast, covering a wide range of sectors including health, educational and industrial to name a few.  Whether it’s office cleaning, a high rise resort or any other commercial premises, Premier have you covered.  Our advantage?  Our low moisture cleaning system.  This amazing system is ideal for commercial carpet cleaning and will achieve the most outstanding results.

*              Easy to reach high rise or multi level locations

*              Ideal for high turnover businesses that require quick drying times

*              Fast drying means no interruptions to the operation of your business

*              No messy hoses being dragged through the premises

*              No water trails being left behind creating any safety hazards

Premier Carpet Dry Cleaning provides great value for money with very competitive commercial carpet cleaning rates.  We are happy to fit in with your business requirements, whether it's a regular maintenace program or a yearly clean.  Our services also cover numerous types of upholstery in the workplace, including office chairs, lounges and partitions.  We are available 7 days a week and provide professional commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance services after hours to ensure there are no interruptions to the operation of your business.

Call 0407 878 504 or contact us for more information about commercial cleaning Sunshine Coast.