Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Sunshine Coast

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and Sunshine Coast - Home Carpet CleaningSunshine Coast & Gympie Carpet Cleaning Services:

We provide market leading quality carpet cleaning on the Sunshine Coast. This is due to ou professional equipment and well trained staff.

Treat your carpets to a thorough cleaning system that will not only liberate soil and stains, but also help restore worn out carpets.  Using the latest technology in low moisture systems, our HOS ORBOT achieves amazing results that will bring your carpet back to life, as well as provide numerous environmental benefits.  All carpets are cleaned using our five step process to ensure over-wet carpets are never an issue, and the best possible result is achieved.

The Cleaning Process -

Step 1:   Pre inspection

Our technician will inspect the carpet before cleaning to establish any possible problem areas or permanent stains.  We will then discuss with you the appropriate treatment required if necessary.

Step 2:   Dry vacuum

The carpet is dry vacuumed by our technician (so there is no need for you to vacuum the carpet beforehand ).  We then move smaller items such as chairs, lounge suits and coffee tables.  Larger items such as beds, entertainment units, electronics and breakables are left in place.

Step 3:   Pre Spray

The carpet is pre sprayed using an encapsulation solution.  This solution is safe for all carpet fibre types and helps release soil and stains from the carpet to allow for more efficient removal. 

Step 4:   Agitation

Using the latest in low moisture technology, we agitate the carpet thoroughly with our HOS ORBOT.  This safely scrubs the carpet and removes the soil and grime with the aid of absorbent pads.  Say goodbye to extensive drying times with the carpet ready to walk on within 30 minutes.

Step 5:   Post Inspect

We inspect the cleaned carpet after completion to make sure all areas have been cleaned to the highest standards.

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